Setup your own forex brokerage |


Nov 18, 2013
YourOwnBrokerage a professional forex brokerage consultants since 2010 and can offer you the next generation Forex & CFD solutions, technologies and other ancillary services.

Our Setup Your Own Forex Brokerage solution is directly connected with our Liquidity Providers which offers deep multibank liquidity with raw spreads and no latency. We require no huge upfront setup cost to setup your forex brokerage. Ask our sales team for a free demo today. Your brokerage will be live in just 48 hours after we sign the agreement and receive the branding requirements from you.

Our solutions starts from $7500 which includes trading platform. We offer MetaTrader4 White Label and other cheap alternatives too.

This offer is designed for all individuals and companies that want to have the full control and ownership over their FX business including:

- Introducing Brokers
- Affiliates
- Asset Managers
- Signal Providers
- FX Developers
- FX Consulting companies
- FX Coaches
- Trading Groups
- Brokers and Banks

If you don't own a forex brokerage license we can do the onboarding and compliance process for you. Also our support desk can help you with setting up companies, forex license, open bank accounts and prime broker relationships, custom liquidity and FX technology.

Our offer also includes access to all major FX ECN's like Currenex, HotspotFX, SolidFX, EBS, FXAll, Integral FXInside.

Feel free to contact our sales department via E-Mail, via LiveChat or simply visit our website at