Scientists Finally Discovered Patterns Behind Forex


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Nov 30, 2008
This is an old April fool post from our blog (discontinued):

The scientists from CERN has finally discovered the secret of the relation between the causes and consequences in the process that are fundamental to the Forex markets — buying and selling of the currencies. The resulting formula allows an almost sure-fire prediction (~99.999% accuracy) of the market prices and rates given the last 42 OHLC bars’ data. The calculation process is rather complex and requires almost an hour of time of an average PC to complete one prediction.

The discovery was made during the famous LHC experiment, which has helped to confirm some of the previous hypotheses from the theory of chaos, which explains the behavior of certain complex dynamic structures, such as the Forex or stock markets. Previously, it has been thought that it wasn’t possible to predict the outcomes in such chaotic environments.

The resulting formula is still kept out of the public eye. The group of scientists that has made the discovery is currently under a constant guard of the special law enforcement unit of Switzerland to prevent the possible leak of the formula. During the next few days it will be decided whether to make the formula with all the required calculation rules public or to provide it solely to the governments of the developed countries to help them to prevent the global financial crises and to profit from the Forex speculations.
Some sources already claim that the formula (or at least a part of it) has leaked to the certain closed Forex communities and some market participants are already discussing and testing this highly accurate prediction tool.