Jun 17, 2018
Hello forum experts, I am a victim of a forex scam and wanted to report them here! I found facebook ads of AG Markets (Advanced Global Markets) with the title "How to trade like a Pro". According to them, they are a regulated and licensed forex brokerage firm. After being contacted by the sales representatives of AGM I trusted them and started trading with an initial investment of $5000.

During the first month the operations were going as planned and together with the help of iAlpha Group the company behind AG Markets acting as financial experts and traders, benefits were coming in. I also requested a withdrawal of the earnings which was granted with ease. All seemed so good, I thought I was dealing with a responsible and a trustworthy broker but everything took a twist when the opened positions from nowhere started showing negative results and AG Markets were asking for more money.

It came to a point that I was investing and investing but the excuse was the same… invest more so I could save the account, otherwise I was going to lose everything. Now my account is in negative and I have lost a total of $30,000 USD.

I have requested the money back for all the amount they stole from me but the answer is a big fat "NO" because they claim I opened the trading positions myself which is not true as they were operating for me all the time promising instant returns and large profits.

I have contacted FCA to check their identity as they claim to be registered in UK and operating in London but on the online registers there is no trace of Advanced Global Markets (AG Markets):

On their website they state they only have a license from Vanuatu - VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Service Commission). They have been informed about these Ponzi Scheme practices.

My only last point if I can't recover the funds is to find a way to track and locate the mafia behind this company. Is anyone in this forum experienced with such cases and what are the steps I should follow?

Thanks to everyone coming across this post.
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