Samurai Forex Trading - The Elite Range Bar System


Oct 7, 2012
Hi traders! I joined this forum because I wanted to share my approach to trading range bars and see if others follow similar methods. This looks like a solid forum so I look forward to getting more involved.

My blog is called Samurai Forex Trading and is focused on trading range bars with a clearly defined methodology. I've called it The Elite Range Bar System and I also offer a complete trading course. If you've never used range bars, they are just bars that close after a pre-defined range is completed. So in my case I use 3RB and 4RB, which are 3 pip and 4 pip range bars. I like to call my method a hybrid system that is rule-based and repeatable, but at the same time has a discretionary element that allows you to attain far better and more consistent results than you would with an automated method.

I have a few different setups I use to trade trends, ranges and reversals. I try to keep things as simple as I can while still being adaptable to whatever conditions the market is currently offering.

On the blog I've been posting some trading recaps of exactly how I applied my methods to EURUSD with the 3RB and sometimes the 4RB too. I also trade AU, GU and EJ with my methods though I rarely include those in the recaps just for the sake of time and clarity.

If you're curious to learn more about range bar trading or our Elite Range Bar System you can check out the blog at for more information. If you have any questions or article requests let me know. Trading is my passion so I welcome discussing it further with some like-minded people.