Running own business: yes or no?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Ideas' started by Juan R. Main, May 6, 2014.

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    Hi! My name is Juan and I am an ordinary carpenter who works for wages. I am thinking of starting my own business but I still doubt if I should do that. Here's my story.
    My income is small but I love my job and don't want to make things change. I love wood and working on it. I managed to make some savings as I wanted to have a small bank deposit. Yet a friend of mine proposed me to make something opposite to what I was up to.
    He proposed to make an investment into some company and get monthly earnings that will surpass my wage and bank deposit. He showed a crowdfunding platform named UInvest that provides an opportunity for guys like me to invest small amounts of cash into working businesses and earn.
    I gave it a try! And it worked. Now I do what I love and earn what I want.
    Recently my friend suggested that I should open my own business as he is sure I can run things much better on my own then my current boss does. He said I should found a small company. I asked him: where on earth can I get all that money for equipment and materials. The banks are crazy with their loan interests!
    And he said I can crowdfund them! He said he's going to have his own platform as those guys from UInvest give all the necessary soft for those who wish to start crowdfunding business. And he promised to list my project on his platform so that people could invest in my business.
    Probably I give it a try too, as Uinvest turned out to be a cool thing and I managed to get my shorty to the beach this April.
    Yet, I do not know. Any experience with listing projects on crowdfunding platforms?

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