Rocket Invest Company Managed Forex accounts services


Jan 14, 2012
Hello Trader
Iam Reda The admin of this website and the head manager of Rocket invest Company.We have more than 30 professional traders in this company who can trade Forex for you this number increases every day.they can make profit up to 300% Monthly. Amazing.. isn’t it? It makes it hard to believe.But you can check out My Results every 5 months in the results page.

After that check out the simple rules and sign up to use this amazing service. two payment options ,you can pay 150$ monthly in advance or you can pay 50% from profit weekly. A lot of payment methods available to make it very easy for you.

Rules :
* Account mustn’t be less than 500$.
* Broker must support MT4.
* Risk is 5% :15% per trade.
* Monthly profit 100% : 300%.
* Request Your money back if the profit less than 70% monthly.

We also have another amazing service for those who doesn’t have Forex accounts or those who don’t know whats The FOREX is .Now any one can invest in Forex with us and get 4% profit every day you can find more information about this exclusive service at Make Money page.

Enjoy Making Money with us …..

Best Regards,