Q-Diamond FX II system update... pre-release limited offer... choose your own price!


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Jun 15, 2009
Special pre-official release offer valid till October 11.

Try to buy our system making high steady profits for the price you think it is worth!

1. Check out our current forward test on fxdiamond.mt4stats.com
2. Ask for a copy of our free trial demo package (qdiamond.ea@gmail.com) and do your own back/forward test
3. If you like the system, write to us the price you want the system for. Your price can be as low as 1 USD, BUT the system will be sold only for Top 20 price offers we receive till October 11, GMT midnight. In case we eventually do not receive the money within 3 days from the highest offers, the system will be sold to lower bids.

Restrictions of this system for this limited special offer:

Only valid for one currency pair. Four pairs will be available from the date of the official release in November. However, trading even only one pair can earn you thousands of percent in a couple of years. Do your own tests and see.

Until the official release, the forward test is also running only on one pair because it could be used as trade signals. After October 11, the refresh will be once daily only.

For more information, contact us at qdiamond.ea@gmail.com:)