Prosperity Program JESARA


May 2, 2018
Saitama, Japan
JESARA is an EA that conducts automatic transactions with MT 4. I named JESARA privately. JESARA has four modes as follows.

1. TURBO mode
This mode is for those who wanted to enter NORMAL mode as soon as possible by those who could only prepare a small amount of initial funds. However, there is a possibility that the account will collapse.

2. NORMAL mode
JESARA trades with half the number of lots compared to TURBO mode. By leaving it, Peaceful mode will be entered among them. However, since money hardly increases in Peaceful mode, it is better to continue trading in NORMAL mode.

3. Peaceful mode
Historically, there has never been a big drawdown than the Lehman shock. JESARA makes a trade on the premise that a larger drawdown than that will not occur. This is Peaceful mode. This is safe first. However, it becomes considerably slight increase mode.

4. Manual mode
You need to manually change the property "Lots_Unit" based on the number of suggested lots displayed in the chart.

About drawdown

There are times when the negative amount at the time of drawdown gets higher, but after that it will move in the opposite way depending on the nature of the market and surely be settled with plus. The nature of the market is that "the price movements of charts never go up / down unilaterally, and they will surely start going down / up somewhere." Please be careful not to trade with brokers that will close down negative positions during such drawdown without permission. Also, I want you to experience drawdown several times in a demo account so that users do not manually close their positions as a result of anxiety. In my experience of developers JESARA has never reached 40 open positions. This fact is a rough guide. Initial funds are displayed on the chart if you enter 40 as the number of positions to the property "DD_from_P". You can find out the amount of money you need the first in that currency pair. The default for "DD_from_P" is 50.

JESARA closes when the position total value on the BUY side or SELL side is positive. There is no concept of stop loss. Mostly because it is in multiple positions, if you follow the trend directly, it will benefit from pyramiding. (However, the method to maximize the profit by pyramiding is still a young level)

Profit rate
In% of the account amount, the numbers differ greatly, so I will say another accurate way. It will be about $ 5 per day at 0.01 lot (1,000 currencies).

JESARA was picked up from space people who comprehensively monitor the Earth and received designation as "prosperity program"!

So JESARA is absolutely Free !
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