Programmer wanted to add feature to Account Protector EA


Mar 3, 2022

Please quote on the following project
A added feature to EA available on GitHub
EA Information Link:

Feature to be added:
A option for closing losing position (or portion of) most distant from current price.

Currently when the close trade action is triggered it closes positions (or part there of) by one of the following processes:
  1. Default - When working with floating profit/loss conditions, it closes positions in an order based on profit/loss. For profit conditions, it will close the most profitable trades first. For loss conditions, it will close the most losing trades first.
  2. UseTotalVolume option - UseTotalVolume comes into play (if set to true) when you set the AP to close only some share of all trades (e.g. 70%) and you are trading with multiple small orders (that cannot be partially closed by 70% of volume). Then it will close whole trades but will stop once 70% of total volume is out.
The required feature would close the positions (or part there of) of the position most distant from the current price first, to the value of total to be closed defined by the trigger.
The reasoning behind this feature is to protect the account from creating a large losing position (which is most common in a market with a unusually extended trend without a retracement). If we are able to maintain an acceptable drawdown by reducing the distant positions we leave the positions with a higher chance of returning to profit when the trend of the trade reverses.

All files and information are available on GitHub.

Please quote on fee and expected delivery time.

Many Thanks