Profitable EAS /software are not sold, rented or discussed

Anyone who has a profitable EA does not talk about them, they do not want their competitors to know anything. They do no sell them , they do not rent them.

They lose their edge , if everybody finds out. Example ;Everybody uses same software, and volumes rise into millions, so original creator of software has to bid at higher , than the competition.
Definition of an edge: An edge is present before any trades are placed , or any dice is rolled in a casino, in a random tests and live real time trading / rolls of dice. This edge never diminishes . All persons operating this edge , should get the same results, all casinos operating this edge get same results.

Software making 50% a year is worth billions of dollars , as Jim Simmons made billions with his software.


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Zack King

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Mar 4, 2019
lol very true. i have never used them yet, and still so very dubious but ofc the winning ones are not going to be passed on