Profiforex Scam

Jun 22, 2013
I want to make everyone aware that ProfiForex are a thieves and a big scam. Whenever you are profitable and ask for a withdrawal they will go through all your trades and adjust the entry and exit prices. Turn winners into losers and you will end up with a negative balance.
They will use excuses about that there was a bug in the execution and update your entries to prices to their advantage. This happened the first time to me in January 2013 and again in June 2013.
The first time they agreed to give me my initial deposit ($100) back, my account size was over $100k.
I was not using any “cheating” system, I was using a scalper called XMT that only enters/exits with pending orders.
The second time I was also using a scalping system. There is nothing in their terms and conditions about scalping. ONLY on their 4 digit quotes are you not allowed to scalp. I was always using 5 digit.
The second time they are just ignoring any communication. My account was $17k in profit and they adjusted all the trades leaving my account in a negative 11 000 balance after I requested withdrawal.
Here is myfxbook for everyone to see:


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Apr 22, 2013
You said it happened to you in July 2013? I hope that was a typo. You want us to believe that you made a deposit of $100 and turned it into $100,000. Fore the sake of entertainment here, how long did it take you?
Jun 22, 2013
Sorry, yes It was a typo, It happened in June as you can see on the attached screenshoot too. Yes, It's possible to do that, but It's not about how much did I make. Profiforex is scamming people, that's the reason why Im going through the Internet and telling it to people. I can't find right now the first one's saved statement (before they modified the account), but I still have alive my account with the modified orders (and strange comments in it).


Jun 5, 2013
That sound too good to be true man, by the way am with them and never had any issue withdrawing money from them. Maybe something went wrong, and am sure that all the details of what went down is not posted by him. Anyways we all have our issues, but sometimes we should be fair. I have also heard of how some traders take advantage of some malfunction of brokers system which i think is not part of the agreement, we can't expect them to comply when such happens.


Aug 5, 2013
Thanks for sharing. I believe it would help any newbie to to stay far away from all scammer. If any newbie is reading this thread then my best suggestion would be to choose such a broker Forex who has been in this market for long period of time with good reputation.