Pro Trader required on Profit Share 60/40

Nov 27, 2020
187647612.jpgGet upto $50000 dollars to manage. Profit share 60/40.
Just open an account with Exness and trade according to our set of rules.
As long as you manage your risks and prove to us you can trade consistently we will fund accounts for you.
Initial proof of trading will be done with your own money.

1. No trades held over weekend
2. Max DD less than 20%
3. No hedging allowed.
4. Proof of trading should be for at least 90 days
5. All accounts must be added to myfxbook. You can hide all current and previous trades. We are only interested in you maintaining your DD to the max allowed.
6. People who take good risk to reward trades have a higher chance of getting bigger accounts.
7. Scalping is allowed but not recommended as investors don't like too many scalp trades.
8. No news trades. All positions must be taken at least 3 hours of any major news and after. Positions can be held through news.
9. Swaps will count towards DD or profit
10. Only one account will be allowed per trader.

Click here to open an account with Exness. If you already have an account, click here and create an additional account with different email.

Deposit $1000 and choose an account of your preference we prefer standard account

Send me your investor password or Create a myfxbook and add account to monitor. We will also monitor privately.

End of 90 days if all rules are obeyed we will give u a fully funded account to trade.

If you are using an EA to trade please let us know in advance.

For more information drop in a comment and we will contact you.