Price Action – Double Pin Bar

Aug 25, 2011
Price Action – Double Pin Bar

Forex Trading : Usd Cad h4
One pin bar right after the after pin bar. This is in confluence with the 365 moving average.
If you missed the first pin bar, you should have seen the 2nd one.
Price is giving you a second chance to get into the move. It is already gearing up.
Bang! Off it went. How could we had missed it?
And if we looked further for more confirmation and confluence.
Lets look at the 1hr chart


Need we say more? Price is also meeting resistance at the 150 and the 200 moving average. This coincides with the same level of the 4hour 365 moving average.
How can we not win on these kind of trades, if there is a holy grail. This is it!

Ezekiel Chew