Previous Day High Low Strategies and VertexFX Indicator


Master Trader
May 8, 2014
Previous day high low is a Client Side VTL indicator that draws the last day’s high, low and today’s open on the chart. When day trading, the previous day’s high and low are important reference points or support resistance levels. In a bullish market price breaks above the previous day’s high early in the day and continue to trade above that level. In bear markets, price break below the previous day’s low early in the day and continue to trade below that level. Trading ranges form when price fails to break the previous day’s high or low successfully. This info alone can improve your trading results as this give you a clear vision of what is likely to happen today.

Breakout trading strategies work best when price is above or below yesterday’s range. Trend following strategies also work best in this situation. When price is inside yesterday range, counter trend strategies work better. Oscillators like RSI and Stochastics work best in this situation.