Presale advice for a crypto newbie


Sep 19, 2023
Hello, everyone! I’m a newcomer to the crypto world . I’m considering investing in a presale for a new cross-chain asset management and off-ramp solution on the Arb blockchain. However, I’m still trying to grasp the intricacies of whitepapers and the technical details.

The project I’m interested in is called Kei Finance, and here’s the link to their white paper ( I’m finding it a bit challenging to discern whether the whitepaper is exceptionally well-written or if the content is genuinely groundbreaking, especially when it comes to K-Pay, which is the primary reason I’m considering an investment.

I’m on the lookout for someone well-versed in DeFi who wouldn’t mind lending a hand to a newbie like me in dissecting the tokenomics and the whitepaper.

Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!