PreLaunch Broker Give Bonus $100


May 18, 2012

im a newbie here. and i found a web that look like a new broker to launch their system.
from their web, it will launch on August 27, 2012
so, for the prelaunch periode, they give $100 for new member and give referal bonus up $100

i dont now exactly the rule of this new broker. becouse my english language is too bad :D

so, for you who wanna learn or try to trade on forex market, may be this is your chance
just sign up for free. and refer to your friend etc.
after register, they will give you $100
and then the staf of this broker will trade your free account to the market

i've join this new broker on 12 may 2012 and i got the sign up bonus $100
and today my account have been raise $175,77 or it mean they get profit/loss 12%

i just give this information. im not an introduce broker. i just a new trader same like you.

try to find out the detail information by click this link :

click here Guys :)

thanks for your attention. im sorry about my english language.
im sorry if this information is not true or just a scam information
but,i think its not to bad to try it than do nothing.isnt it guys?
its free. just spend your little time. no need your money to do for sign up.

i just wanna share information that may be can give us a chance.
ok guys. thanks and i hope success for all of you trader soldier
good luck guys :)