Powerful Simple Trading Strategy


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Jul 2, 2010
Hi, Traders!

Here is a simple strategy for FXCM Trading Station II. (This strategy can be used on MetaTrader, by using Gann Hi/Lo Activator. SSL indicator and Gann Hi/Lo Activator are both the same thing...)

Currency Pair: Any
Hour/Time of day: Any
TimeFrame: Any

SSL: 2
CCI: 14
MACD: 5,9,2

Note: SSL is the same thing as the Gann Hi/Lo Activator Indicator.

How to use:
The candle bars has to close over the SSL, and the CCI has to cross -100 for buy or 100 for sell, and MACD has to cross in the direction you want the currency to move.

For the exit signal, the first indicator to change to a sell signal from a buy signal is the exit signal.

Simple as that!

NOTE: Don't enter a trade if all the indicators don't line together, (In other words, don't get into a trade without all the indicators giving the exact same signal at he exact same time as shown in the second image below).

You can play around with this strategy. Visit: http://strtrading.blogspot.com for the download files and more information.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This strategy was not back-tested. I hold no responsibility for any loss.

Enjoy! ;)


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Aug 17, 2010

This is very powerful trading system which you can use it easily. You can download these files and get more information from this list. I really enjoying your post, it's fantastic...