Nov 22, 2021
Hi Traders,

Come check out our forex copy trading platform.
We connect successful traders and investors that is interested in growing their money.

If you are a successful traders, great! Come register with us as a trader, we will copy your trades to followers as you just trade as normal, we get the side hustle covered, and you earn a side income when there is someone copying your trades.

If you are new to the forex market and wish to earn money apart from your jobs, here is where you should look at. Copy trades from successful traders at no cost, no time needed, do not need to monitor charts frequently. All copying job will be done by us!

All traders account results is a live account! He wouldn't want to lose his money neither yours! All traders account will requires a minimum of 3 months trading history. Account analysis will be done when they upload their accounts, all information of their trades will be calculated, margin used, drawdown, longest holding, most trades opened, best trades, worst trades, growth by month and etc. We are trying to make it save for the users, anyway past history does not guarantee the future, however, we are able to see the patterns.