Pi Network


Oct 16, 2019
Wanted to spread the word about a cryptocurrency that is being worked on by three Stanford PhDs. Pi Network is in beta, right now and the core group is distributing tokens. You can mine them very easily using your phone. https://minepi.com/faq

The currency has been active since March of this year, and has been growing fast. There are currently over 650,000 engaged users and growing. The plan is to offer peer to peer transaction capability by the end of this year and be traded in the third phase of development.

To join Pi and start mining Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/larryw . Download the app, and use my username (larryw) as your invitation code, to boost your earnings rate by 25%. Keep in mind, once there are 1,000,000 engaged users, the mining rate will be cut in half.