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Master Trader
May 8, 2014

Parabolic SAR Colored With Alert is a Client Side VTL Alert. It is an improvement over the standard parabolic stop and reverse indicator. It colors the SAR indicator with magenta color when the trend is down and yellow when the trend is up. It triggers an alert when the trend direction changes as per the SAR indicator. The indicator can be customised with the parameters. Stop and Reverse indicator step value and maximum step value can be set up with parameters "sar Step" and "Maximum". The pop up alerts can be turned on or off with the parameter "Alerts Enabled".

Trading strategy with the SAR indicator is to Buy when the trend reverses upward and trail the position with stop loss level same as the SAR indicator level. The long position is reversed to short position when the trend reverses down and the prosition is trailed with the SAR indicator level. This is an always in the market trading strategy.



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