PAMM Services (Multiple risk options)


Jun 27, 2015
Hi Earnforex Members.

My name is Craig Walters and I am fund manager for 5 Star Signals.

We offer a range of secure PAMM accounts to suit the risk desires of different investors.

Allow me to briefly explain our parent strategy and how we have used derivatives of this to make our offerings suitable to wider range of clients.

Our parent strategy is designed to manage larger investments, it aims for small consistent growth with low draw downs.

It selects only the highest probability trades and usually will only be trading on a couple occasions a month.

The execution of the orders, placement of stop losses and take profits and trailing of stop losses are all managed by an EA which is turned on and off at the traders digression. The EA has various filters that cancel out trades and then if all parameters are met it executes the trade.

Over the last couple years on this we have seen average monthly gains of slightly over 3% and a maximum draw down of 5.2%.

Strict risk control is used to limit the risk per position.

No grid tactics are used.

No martingale tactics are used.

Losing positions will never be added to.

Stop losses are always used.

EURUSD accounts for close to 80% of trading activity.

The low downside volatility of this strategy makes it very attractive to large investors who are leery of downswing's over 10%.

This strategy is available from a minimum investment of $1,000, although, as stated above, this is mainly intended for higher capital management.

From this strategy we have derived a medium and high risk option.

All the same risk compliance measures are in place and the same trading methodology is used by the same EA, we have simply added a few more pairs to be traded and we have increased the risk per position.

Using triple risk over the past 110 days we have been realising average monthly profits of slightly over 10% with a maximum draw down of 6.6%.

Notice how the risk control and trading methodology enables the account to swing up in bursts of 5 - 10% + but limits the downside swings.

Our back testing of the triple risk strategy over the last couple years show these results.

A compounded gain of 250% over 21 months.

Maximum draw down just under 25%.

Here is how this broke down into months, showing closing profit/loss, biggest gains and biggest losses along with maximum equity draw downs.

This is offered from $500 starting investment.

Our back testing of this on five times risk show these results;

This is far higher risk with a maximum draw down of over 37% but for people willing to tolerate these potential down swings an over 650% compounded return could be made over slightly under two years.

This is offered from $1,000 minimum starting investment.

To qualify for access to the 5SS PAMM's you must have a 5SS membership.

Investor only memberships are $7 a month or $70 for a year and these give you full access to all mentioned PAMM strategies.

It is also optional to earn money by referring investors to invest in the PAMM strategies, we pay this out over two levels and we pay 60% of what we make.

40% level one.
20% level two.

Commissions are also paid out over 10 levels on memberships.

Our set of strategies and rewards structure are created in such a way as to provide people a chance to earn extra money while watching their investment accounts grow passively.

We hope when people share their success their friends and family will be interested in joining and if the commission generated are reinvested into these profitable strategies a good capital base can be built up, even if they only had $500 to start with.

We hope through this leverage of good returns compounded and added to they will build up a sufficient capital base to move the bulk of their capital (80-90%) into the parent low risk strategy and enjoy a very good surplus, or even replacement income from 30-40% a year gains.

We can offer this worldwide and we are partnered with Hotfx and Tallinex as our brokers for PAMM.

I would be happy to answer and questions and be interested in any feed back you may have.