PAMM - Right Simple System


Aug 15, 2011

Status : Trader
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  • Right PAMM Simple System using hedging strategy with averaging system.
  • With this simple system I have a profit target of 30% to 60% per month.
  • Before you invest with me, you should understand about all the risks of forex investment.
  • I can not guarantee I will always be profitable trading. because forex trading is a high-risk investments. but I will always maximize my performance.

About PAMM System :

Within the framework of the PAMM-accounts system every InstaForex client may accept or invest funds in other clients' accounts gaining on their deals. Every Managing Trader who has trading account with InstaForex may accept investments from Investors who will find him/her in the PAMM Monitoring.

Description of the PAMM-system is accessible at the company's website.

InstaForex PAMM-system makes it possible in several clicks to:
- invest funds in Managing Traders and have guarantees of your share refund on the part of broker;
- start getting investments from traders after the registration in the PAMM-system, setting the amount of your reward for managing Investors' capital;
- communicate with other investors and traders and monitor the graph of balance and equity changing at each account of Managing Trader.

Registration in the PAMM-system

Are you ready to get investments or invest right now? Then get familiar with terms and conditions and pass through the 3-min registration in your client cabinet. Right after the registration you become a fill-fledged Managing Trader or Investor (depending on the chosen position). If you want to invest funds and accept them simultaneously - you may register several accounts for different roles in the PAMM-system (trader or investor).