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    Hello sorry can a seasoned trader explain me please what is the meaning of ''painting the chart'' ?
    Every market is manipulated by the guys with big cash, so please don't say ''bitcoin is manipulated''
    every market is manipulated

    Well in the chart of bitcoin we went from almost 14k to 11k t 15minutes chart like if someone cashed out and market sold lot of bitcoin just ''to scare'' the buyers

    I don't have the chart but it's a long red candle probably market sold

    Is this the mmeaning of ''printing the chart''? Is it a move of the whales to trick the retailers? How could I distinguish between a sell of out of general fear from market partecipans, from the ''painting the chart'' ? Is there anything I could look at (volume, indicators, order book) in order to distinguish between a general sell off from the painting the chart?
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    Nothing on the chart will really tell you. The only data that would let you distinguish it is seeing the actual buy/sell records from all the exchanges and looking at which account did what. Of course, this information is impossible to get.
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    hey luca...... i have no idea of what 'painting the chart' or 'printing the chart' means in the context your referring to......

    that initial fall in bitcoin last week had to do with coinbase's platform going down..... no doubt that 14000 level probably brought back memories and fears of 2018......h

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