Offering guidance to train my own pedagogical skills


Aug 29, 2017
Hi guys and girls,

this is Konstantin, writing you from Cyprus.

I am no big shot or a top professional arrogant person as my "cigar-smoking-filthy-rich-bad-ass" Avatar Picture might imply

I studied Economics and Financials, working in Financials Sector, and learning for my CFA Level I.

Reason I signed in is simple, I need to build up my own coaching and educational skills in German and Greek language in subjects such as Markets, Opportunities and Risks involved, Trading, Psychology, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, MT4 Platform, etc

So I will be obliged if any German/Greek Speakers of you write me and arrange together how I could be guiding any beginner of you needing a German/Greek Speaking companion. Just write me and I will get back to you

***This is no advertising of any services, no money or hidden anything. Just accompany!