North Korea Planning To Launch Test Rocket

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    For the past few months the United States has been a monitoring a potential test rocket launch by North Korea, a country which has been striving to obtain nuclear abilities for some time. While the North Koreans claim that the test rocket is being mistaken for a satellite by U.S. intelligence, aerial photos show otherwise.

    The long range test rocket could have the potential to reach U.S. soil and threaten sovereign nations in the region.

    A test launch would also go against the U.N. security council resolution, adopted in 2006, which explicitly prohibits the nation from launching certain types of missiles.
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    Another Trump reincarnation ? ) Sorry, but yes, this is all serious issues and I am glad current US administration do a lot of things regarding their security. But I bet North Korea administration will stop their experiments with nuclear weapon. When you have such you have totally other weight in world arena no matter what.

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