News analysis , NLP for trading. Looking for ideas

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  1. Roman G

    Roman G Trader

    Hello all,

    I worked for long time as a software developer in text analysis, natural language processing areas .
    Now i got a friend who has experience in trading and we decided to create some new tools , to start own business with it.

    But before doing any big work we would like to validate our ideas . This is why i come here.

    Are you, as a forex trader, interested in tools that would automatically analyse news on real time and provide well looking reports ?

    Reports will include
    - key phrases in a focus (names, things that are in center of messages),
    - sentiments regarding key phrases,
    - relationships between key phrases using statistics methods,
    - statistic relationships between key phrases and commodities, currencies, indexes,
    - displaying all reports in dynamics (for example, how sentiments are changed in time for some key phrase)
    - analysis of professional media as well as social networks contents, aka trends etc.

    We expect such tools must be useful for traiders.

    Is this something that forex trades can be interested in?
    Would you pay for such services?

    thanks for your responses
  2. Enivid

    Enivid Administrator Staff Member

    I would be quite interested in such an analysis tool, especially this:

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