New Subscribers results- with the MT4 Trade Copier (+ 151 pips)


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Nov 4, 2012
On February 26th, I received a email from a new subscriber who just started using the MT4 trade copier.

She sent me her first day's performance results, (in a screen shot- I get a lot of them lol)

She earned 151 pips on her first day and she has started off with a leverage that produces about $10 per pip
(her total cash return for the day was $1,623.60 for the day) not too bad...:)

Please keep in mind that this MT4 trade copier works on any size trading account. You don't need to use the leverage she is using, you can add your account to the trade copier and use a mini or micro account too.

here is the screen shot she sent me

The GBP/JPY trade is the "Continuation Breakout Trade" that I talk about and it puts me in the path of a trending move.

I have posted videos on this technique for you to learn how to use it on the blog.

Results like that on the continuation breakout trade are not uncommon for the GBP/JPY.

I will include all of my forex training course material for free as a bonus with each subscription to the MT4 trade copier service.

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Thanks for reading and good luck trading