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Jan 9, 2013
«Joker EA» - TREND day-and-night scalper. The algorithm of the EA is like the well-known «WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT», - trade on a pullback to the trend. However, the major difference of the advisor «Joker EA», is a completely different algorithm for opening and closing positions. This improves the accuracy of the entrances to the market and increases the probability of closing deals in the profit zone. Moreover, in contrast to «WALLSTREET FOREX ROBOT», we trade on the chart M5. This significantly increases the total number of transactions and, hence, the yield!
Finally advisor was assembled at the end of December 2012 and has been trialed on the story for many years, where it showed excellent trading results and a high degree of security even under the "aggressive" settings, such as rare, small drawdown and fast way out. Monitoring of our real account, has started since 03 January 2013 on Here you can observe two trade options on your preference. Aggressive - for those who are willing to take risks for the sake of high profits and conservative - for followers of safe and secure trade.
We understand that to offer you the advisor without at least a six-month monitoring – is considered bad style. Therefore, all those who doubt, we recommend to wait to buy. For those who want to start earning with us now, will focus on backtests (posted on website).
We want to mention, «Joker EA» is the so-called "tester grail" which shows perfect results solely on tests and cynically "merges" to the real world, such as, Million Dollar Pips. All transactions made by«Joker EA» in the tester, and the real account, are almost identical. On the site there are screenshots showing it. As proof to the reliability of our experts, we have created and put on the monitoring the real account (Alpari NZ, ecn.mt4) worth $ 10,000!
In the free access we put TRIAL version of «Joker EA» which is crippled by its functionality and without the optimal settings. However, even this version is profitable, which once again proves the stability of trading of «Joker EA».
P.S. Please pay attention to the fact that the profitability of «Joker EA», as well as any scalper, depends on the quality of execution of transactions and the size spread of your broker. We strongly recommend you to install and test the «Joker EA» accounts type ecn.mt4.


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