New Fabturbo v4.4 Professional Edition + manual and guide


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Feb 3, 2009

FAPTURBO44PRO: Version 44: Professional Edition

Warning1: It was developed only for professional Fapturbo traders! Newer traders should use standard version FAPT36!

Get your a copy here

If you are a new to trading Forex and inexperienced we encourage you to NOT use the FAPT44 Pro and continue to use FAPT36.

The reason you should continue to use FAPT36 if you are new is because the EAs variables are adjustable for the most seasoned trader. If you error with the properties/settings of this EA you
could lose a great deal of your capital or you could render the EA useless.

As an example the most common rookie trader mistake(s):

"If I make the stop loss value smaller I will have less losses" or
"If I make the EA trade around the clock I can avoid trading during the high spread zones".

If you do not understand the above statements and the implications - just use DEFAULT SETTINGS and you will be fine.

The standard version is intentionally hard coded so that you cannot amend the settings - It's for your own good, safety and profit!

Warning2: Both versions are EXACTLY THE SAME with respect to core algorithm. No need to discuss which one is better and safer! THEY ARE THE SAME. PERIOD.

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