New EA: Golden Panther MT5 , welcome to test


Apr 6, 2021
Golden Panther MT5
2020-2021 Amazing Profit!! The Greater Volatility of Gold, the Greater of Profit!! on XAUUSD (Gold) M1
New user discount: $59/month,$599 for unlimited use

$399/year is the most cost-effective use

Golden Panther MT5 is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for AI High-Frequency Trading. it is based on Multiple Trend Oscillators Indicators. Obtain Optimal ( Advanced Parameters) through AI Neural Network Deep Learning. The expert advisor is able to get a very High-Rate of winning trades.

This expert advisor does not use dangerous strategies. No Martingale, No Grid, Only Real AI Trailing StopLoss and Take Profit.

Technical features
Real AI Auto Lots: The higher price and the lower price, the bigger order lots and the greater Profit.
Real AI Trailing StopLoss: The Trailing StopLoss will be adjusted up and down following of the Price line.
Real AI Add Orders: AI Smart Add Orders to Maximize Profit.

Golden Panther MT4:
The Expert was tested on the whole available historical period on XAUUSD (Gold) M1 currency pair with exceptional results. You can download the demo and test it yourself. My tests were performed with the real tick date with 99.90% accuracy, actual spread, and additional slippage.

Live Performance is also available by accessing my profile where you can also find my other Robots and their performances:

The Recommended Timeframe is M1.
The Expert go on XAUUSD (Gold).
Start Backtest from 2004 (2020-2021 Amazing Profit!!)
Not broker sensitive, but Ecn broker is always better
A low latency vps is always recommended.
The recommended Leverage is 1:400 or more
The recommended deposit is 100 usd.
If You Lose money, The Only Reason is : Why am I not a VIP? That Broker’s Commission or Spread or Slippage is Too High, Good Luck.



Fixed Lot Size: If you set its value, the value of fixed lot will be used.
Risk Base: It indicates the risk base on Lot.
Enable Fixed Lot: If set to true, AI Lot will not be used, but the Fixed Lot will be increased by AccountBalance.
Minimum Lot: Set the Minimum allowed lot size.
Maximal Lot: Set the Maximal allowed lot size.
AI Lot Multiple Base: It indicates the Multiple Base on AI Lot.
TimeFrames Of AutoLot: Default to PERIOD_M1 (Advanced Parameters)
AI Period Of AutoLot: Default to 65 (Advanced Parameters)
Maximal Orders: Range 1-9, Default to 3 (Advanced Parameters)

Standard Spread (PiP): Standard Spread allowed for pending orders.
Maximum Spread (PiP): Maximum Spread allowed for pending orders.
Maximum SlipPage: Maximum slippage allowed for pending orders.
Pause Time (ms): Pause reaction time for Trading.

AI StopLoss
TimeFrames Of StopLoss Multiples: Default to PERIOD_M1 (Advanced Parameters)
AI Period Of StopLoss Multiples: Default to 17 (Advanced Parameters)
Standard StopLoss (PiP): Default to 1.6 (Advanced Parameters)
StopLoss Multiple: Default to 1.0 (Advanced Parameters)
TrailingStop Step (PiP): Value of trailing step in points, Default to 1.6 (Advanced Parameters)
TrailingStop Multiple Base (0-1.6): Range 0-1.6, Default to 0.8 (Advanced Parameters)
Minimum TakeProfit -3.0~3.0 (PiP): Range -3.0-3.0, Default to 0.6 (Advanced Parameters)
Minimum StopLevel: Minimum StopLevel allowed for pending orders.
Enable Fixed StopLoss: If set to true, Fixed stoploss before profit.
Enable ReOpenOrder After StopLoss: If set to true,After losing an order, another order will be placed again.
Order Settings

TimeFrames Of OrderDelete: Default to PERIOD_M1 (Advanced Parameters)
AI Period Of OrderDelete: Default to 3 (Advanced Parameters)
Minimum Value Of OrderDelete: Default to 99 (Advanced Parameters)
Maximal Value Of OrderDelete: Default to 100 (Advanced Parameters)
Order Distance: Default to 25 (Advanced Parameters)
Order Distance Multiple: Default to 5 (Advanced Parameters)
Trade Time

Start Time (Hour): operating start Hour
Start Time (Minute): operating start minutes
End Time (Hour): operating end Hour
End Time (Minute): operating end minutes

MagicNumber: ID number of the orders.
Comments: Comments of the orders.

For other questions, set files or support for this EA, contact me.