My own forex copy trading service!


Feb 28, 2021
Hiya guys!

Want to make money on auto pilot?
I am setting up my own forex copy trading service.

It uses 2 forex trading robots, that delivers very consistant profit with small drawdown.

It trades in the daytime, and the other robot in the nightime.
So wake up with profit:)

I can get you 5-20 procent profit monthly.
And you can compound the profit.
So it grows exponential.

Losing months can occur ofcourse, but there are not many.

It will cost you 40 bucks a month.

Why 40 bucks? 20 euro is the price for the trade copy software i use for 1 client.
And 20 euro is for me.

Why i do this?

Because i dont have much of a br to start with, plus i want to earn some extra money, and help other people make money:)