My " Always On Top " System- by kelton


Dec 15, 2010
Ok Everyone what I have here is a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L system for you all :)

First- you need the EUR/USD pair
2nd- you need a Stochastic Oscillator with these settings-
(%k=12) (%D=10) ( Slowing = 5 )
( Price field = close/close ) ( MA method = exponential )
3rd- you need a donchian chain indicator ( doda donchian )
with these settings-
( channel period = 34 ) (EMA period = 80 )
(Start EMA shift =4 ) ( End EMA shift = 0 )
(Angle threshold = 0.14 )
4th- Some basic knowledge of support and resistance- or an indicator thats good at determining it.

Ok now that you have your charts set up with those indicators,, you then wait for the candle to close above or below the donchian chain. in the picture I have I show it close below so we would then open a short position and put a stop loss around 15 pips.
you would then exit upon known support/resistance and wait for the price to break support/resistance to re-enter or wait for it to cross the donchian chain again- or wait till the stochastic reverses-


OK lets say you have $ 500 dollars in your account to trade with--
your initial trade is going to be $100, then if your stop loss is hit ( IT RARELY IS ) or the candle closes on the other side of the line and puts you down pips then you will take the number of pips you lost and double that and then add that to the original hundred and then use that for the next trade.. once you hit any profitable trade it will be like you never lost in the first place=-- and trust me.. there are always profitable trades with this system I made.

so for example--
you have $500
and you start with a $100
and then you loose 10 pips ( lets say )
10 pips using 100:1 leverage is $10 on 100 dollar trade
you then double that and add it to the original hundred which will put you at $120 but dont forget you lost $10 so your account is now at $490 - 120 which = $370 ( and then rinse and repeat the process for every loss ) and once you win you will make all your money back plus more-

make about 20% on your total account per day
so if you have 500 in then your making 100 per day
and make sure to trade when the European and New York sessions overlap for best results.

hope you put it to good use my friends