Multiple Liquidity Brokers


Feb 9, 2016
Hello all,

I have an EA developed by my friend in France. This EA is crazy buuuuuut it needs consistent execution speeds.

I know that the EA can't trade with a market maker (because it will be banned instantly) so we run it at STP brokers with NDD. The issue is two things

Broker with just one LP we find execution is slow, slippage is high and so is the spread so the EA doesn't work as well as it should.

Brokers that are using multiple banks (with best bid/ask pricing) we are finding that the execution times are so different its is hard to rely on it. Most true STP brokers are executing between 100 - 600 ms.

Once good option we found is Yadix, I've had execution 40 ms up to 150 ms. The account manager their tells me that because of the best bid and ask price policy, the execution venue is decided by the past price at the time of filling the order and that is why some orders are filled really fast 40 ms and others at around 100 ms, and that each bank fills at differnet speeds. This was logical and transparent answer I believe.

The real question is, is Yadix the best STP filling available, can I get faster without going to a market maker? has anyone experienced faster consistently?

Please guys, don't respond with the normal "try this market maker it's the best" as I cannot consider dealing desk brokers.

Thanks to those who read and contribute.