multi-currency EA question (based on the article of Andriy) - MQL5


Sep 18, 2021
First of all. Thank you Andriy for the great article of Creating a multi currency EA. I was looking a simple thing like that.

My thought is simple :
I don't want to trade all currency (or instruments) alone. My intention is to trade only correlation between currency.

For example : Buy signal => Close > EMA
earnforex correlation.png
1- The EA enters ONLY in a Buy trade IF ALL currencies have a Buy signal. In other words (GBPUSD), the Buy signal appears on the X but the full condition was at the tick.
2- Let's assume, Buy is OK for all currencies, the EA take the same percentage in each (prevent not to be overweight with one). That's suppose that EA have a SL and TP. A BE SL when X pips reachs. Partial close possibility too.

I hope I'm cristal clear.

Does any of you already work on this EA like that ? If yes, would you want to be a group with me ?

Take care,