MT4 Server

Anton Gerasiv

Sep 25, 2018
So been using MT4 client for some time. Learned one thing, that it doesnt matter which FX Broker, its just a matter of time before market data gets corrupted, and even worst when you start making money, how all of a sudden high swings and 15 minute candle delay post fact rum miracle happens.

Frankly, got to the point of being very tiered of this manipulation. So decided to buy MT4 server, the problem is that I think i was too late to the party as there are no more MT4 server licenses given out by MetaCorp. So when further and was being offered all kinds of "White Label" licenses which is crap because again, its located/hosted with someone else.

In short, I'm looking for MT4 server that can site next to my desk... Can anyone help or knows someone who can?