MT4-MT4 Bridge


May 16, 2013
Hunan, China
MT4-MT4 Bridge links two MetaTrader servers and allows transferring orders and trades between them. The bridge allows the broker to submit trade requests to a larger broker of its choice (configuration is tuned in MT4-MT4 Bridge). The broker can charge the trader a commission and/or higher spreads as usual.

Small Brokerage Company can provide trading on its own MT4 platform or send a request to External MT4 Server. MT4-MT4 Bridge works with Internal MT4 Server as an automated dealer. It provides an interface to transfer orders and trades between Internal and External MT4 Servers.

Primary (Internal) MT4 Server confirms client’s requests only after these requests are confirmed on External MT4 Server. Trades correspondence is stored in MS SQL database. You can connect to Secondary MT4 Server Bridge, using a MT4 client terminal (External MT4 System), with EA (Trade Bridge) script running. Execution price is equal for Primary and Secondary Servers if execution type “Market” is selected on Primary Server for instruments. Otherwise it can differ, but not exceed the deviation in points configured in Symbols tab.

One MT4 Server can connect to multiple MT4 servers using MT4-MT4 bridges. This architecture consists of one Primary Server and several Secondary Servers. The same product cannot be transferred to 2 or more secondary servers.