MT4 Entry and exit condition


Aug 29, 2023
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Who can help add entry and exit conditions on the ea tamplate using and indicator that I have?
Unfortunately that is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string as there are many ways to do this and you haven't described the indicator nor the ea template you are using.

Depending on your indicator you are looking at there may be an already defined way to trade with it. i.e.
- using moving average crosses,
- using a fast value vs a slow value for a cross,
- above or below a threshold value for overbought or oversold signals.
- zero line cross,
- combining it with price action for example closing price greater than the indicator value could be a buy signal,
- combining it with another indicator,
- current value previous value cross, etc.

Then once you have determined the method being used you can create Buy and Sell Signals from them or a combination of them i.e.
fastIndicator = iMA(...)
slowInidcator = iMA(...)
buySignal = ( fastIndicator > slowIndicator )
sellSignal = ( fastIndicator <= slowIndicator )

Hope this helps. :)
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