MQL4 coding


Jan 4, 2016
We are a team of professional MQL4 programmers. We can create expert advisors, indicators and scripts of any complexity according to your requirements. Programming experience is more than 7 years. Over 3,000 successfully completed projects. Our programming is accurate, fast and cost-effective. Programming cost depends on the scope and complexity of your project and is determined individually. Minimum price is 30 USD, minimum time of completion - 1 day. We do not ask for any specific technical requirements specification from you. Just share your idea or a trading strategy with us. We will formulate it ourselves and create a high-quality software product. Based on our experience in programming and trading, we will analyze your trading strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses and offer recommendations for its improvement. We have an individual approach to each client’s project and can ensure absolute accuracy of the software product. We carry all projects to completion. Whenever you address us, we are ready to resume working on the project already completed. It does not matter how much time has passed. Best service, quality and full confidentiality of your strategies and programs are guaranteed.