Moving Average Sample Ea


Master Trader
May 8, 2014

Moving Average Sample Expert Adviser is a server side VTL expert Adviser. The EA demonstarates the position sizing and trading system coding in VertexFX VTL. The EA open Buy position when price close above a 12 period moving average displaced by 6 bars. It closes Buy position and open sell position when the price close below the displaced moving average. The position size is two percent of the capital available.

This EA demonstrates how to develop a trading system with server side VTL. When a buy signal comes, the EA checks if there is an open Buy position and if it finds an open Buy position then it avoids pyramiding trades. If there is no open buy position it open a new buy position. Thus it avoids opening multiple positions in the same direction. It works similarly for sell positions also. A key factor in trading seysem development is position sizing. The EA demonstrates how to effectively open positions risking only 2% of the account capital. The EA demonstrates how to comunicate with the end user regarding new trades and errors happening when the EA is auto trading. This can be used as a frame work for developing trading systems using server side VTL.



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