Most hated person on the internet


Master Trader
Apr 17, 2013
The most hated people on the internet: Where are they now?

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

What he did: Hunter Moore started the revenge porn site about 10 years ago. Users were encouraged to upload nude photos of their ex to be ridiculed and insulted by visitors to the site. Moore called himself a “professional life ruiner,” and repeatedly claimed to have no remorse about it.

The website stayed up for 16 months until an internet watchdog convinced Moore to sell it. It was then learned that Moore had been paying an accomplice to hack into people’s computers and steal any compromising photos to post them on the site. Moore served two and a half years in prison for his crimes.

What he’s doing now: Released in 2017, Moore now seems to be living a more low-key life. According to GoodtoKnow, he is banned from Facebook but continues to post on Twitter, showing photos of his gym workouts, his dog, and continually talking about how rich he is. (Moore claims to have $3 million in the bank.) A quick check on Twitter at the time of this publication, however, shows Moore’s account has been suspended.

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Active Trader
Aug 5, 2021
I watched something about him the other day. I would think he must be a sociopath. Definitely hope he isn't getting any women these days, although many may not realize who he is.