morgue for MQ4 code


Aug 23, 2021
with ready several experts I build my own strategy, but sometimes they interfere, and it is impossible to optimize if you do not have in one expert collected strategies. So I have to develop my strategy for MT4, but I have no idea about graphics libraries and the correct syntax, so I want to collect unnecessary MQ4 code (I call it morgue code), and from these examples to be able to build our own robot. The idea here is to collect sample code to be used by colleagues who want to develop their own expert. how to use graphic libraries), where I can see how to create and use graphic elements - graphic lines for ratio SL, TP, order management, hiding SL and TP, partial closing, creating a panel and action buttons, managing font, ... everything graphically and to be left alone to create my own calculation methods. Please share what is possible and it is not a trade secret. I also want to create a list of working experts (methods) and to be able to manage them with ON OFF buttons, otherwise they start to interfere, I want more equity management and many more ideas ...
thanks, any help will be appreciated