MIDASAMA TRADER EA “Stable Profit Trade. Max DD 5-7%”


Oct 26, 2018
MIDASAMA TRADER EA “Stable Profit Trade. Max DD 5-7%”

No martingale
No Grid
Safe money-management
Any broker Any currency pairs / instrument
No indicators, the adviser uses his algorithmic price system.
Easy and quick configuration without brakes
Optimization for profit, for any period of history
Automatic disabling of the Expert Advisor if the drawdown threshold is reached
Full automatic
Not afraid of news
Do not overstay or leave open orders hanging
Fixed stop loss and closing of opposition orders
Only one order / safe trade is open at a time.

Advantages of our adviser:

  • Minimal deposit for start trade $50/5000cent
  • Long history
  • No indicators
  • Stability in any trend / flat market
  • Low risk and stable low Drawdown

What are you getting:

  • Reliable algorithmic adviser, work without indicators
  • Installation by our specialist in your account MT4 (Help via TeamView)
  • Extended warranty: If our adviser does not make a profit within the first month, we will refund you its cost, as well as the minimum deposit.
  • We use a proven and regulated broker
  • We are interested in making profit with our adviser MIDASAMA TRADER. Therefore, we provide you with a truly profitable and stable advisor. If you have a profit, and we have a profit. This is the best guarantee in the world of forex.
  • We provide a lifelong guarantee of return the cost of EA, if for you our adviser does not approach

We fulfilled all the conditions for the full verification of Myfxbook