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Nov 30, 2008
On March 10, a new version of the MetaTrader 5 platform was released - Build 3621. It is now available from MT5 brokers via their automatic update facility. It focuses on the fixing bugs and various MQL5 coding improvements:
  • Fixed calculation of total profit in reports.
  • Fixed problems with launching MT5 under Wine on Linux.
  • Fixed a problem adding symbols to the Market Watch when finding them by their description.
  • Added support for ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) models in MQL5.
  • Added support for General Matrix Multiplication (GeMM) algorithm in MQL5.
  • Added ability to transfer vectors and matrices from MQL5 to DLLs.
  • Added new CopySeries() function to copy all timeseries into separate arrays at once.
  • Fixed a bug with OrderSend() function, which could return incorrect ticket when the same trading account was used from two devices.
  • Fixed a bug with .ex5 library imports. There was a problem when the imported had the same name as the host file.
  • Added a new option to send push-notifications to members when a shared project is updated in MetaEditor.
  • Updated icons in MetaEditor.

MetaQuotes' forum announcement thread:

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.