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Nov 30, 2008
On February 21, an new major update to MetaTrader 5 platform has been released - Build 2340. It focuses on three areas - SQLite Databases, Python integration, and finer tuning of Strategy Tester settings. The list of the most important changes is provided below:
  • Working with SQLite databases is now available via MQLEditor wizard.
  • Added three new functions to work with SQLite databases via MQL5 code: DatabaseImport(), DatabaseExport(), and DatabasePrint().
  • Added FileSelectDialog() function to provide access to file/folder opening/creation dialog via MQL5 code.
  • Added a lot of new functions to work with MetaTrader 5 via Python programs.
  • Added DEAL_FEE property for information about the fee charged by broker on the deal.
  • Added new dialog with detailed settings for trading limitations (maximum orders/positions, trading time, margin call, stop-out levels, commission, and so on) in Strategy Tester.
  • Accelerated re-launches of custom MQL5 programs and re-creation of custom MQL5 indicators inside other MQL5 programs.
  • Strategy Tester now correctly takes into account the deal and position size when calculating profit in pips.
  • Improved optimization results graph interface.
MetaQuotes' full release announcement is available here:

IMPORTANT: Traders already report critical bugs in the new build, namely inability to launch MQL5 programs that use external DLLs. Please consider blocking this update until the next fix-release is out.

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.