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Nov 30, 2008
A new seminal release of MetaTrader 5 platform has become available yesterday, on October 4. It is now available at some Forex brokers' trading servers. It completely revises Virtual Hosting, Strategy Tester, introduces new symbol information fields, adds significant improvements to MQL5 language, and brings in support for FIFO rule. The list of the notable changes in MetaTrader 5 Build 2170 is provided below:
  • Virtual Hosting management options have been completely revised for a more convenient transfer and operation.
  • Terminal now offers direct links to broker's deposit and withdrawal pages.
  • Added new symbol information fields: category, exchange, commission.
  • Options (calls and puts) now feature additional fields: option type, underlying, strike price, and option greeks (delta, gamma, vega, theta, rho).
  • Crosshair can now show distance in percentage points in addition to pips.
  • Added display of a resulting open price when opening a position in Market or Exchange execution mode.
  • Fixed an error that prevented all symbols from showing up in Market Watch when Show All option was selected.
  • Changed the way scopes are resolved in MQL5 to bring them closer to how they work in C++.
  • Added support for namespaces in MQL5.
  • Improved speed of accessing timeseries data via iTime(), iOpen(), iHigh(), iLow(), iClose(), iVolume(), iTickVolume(), and iSpread() functions in MQL5.
  • Added '=delete' attribute to class operator declaration to remove an operator support from a class.
  • Added new symbol information properties to MQL5: SYMBOL_CATEGORY and SYMBOL_EXCHANGE.
  • Added new account information property - ACCOUNT_FIFO_CLOSE - which shows that the account uses FIFO close rules. Also, added a new return code for trade requests: TRADE_RETCODE_FIFO_CLOSE; it is used when trade close request failed due to the FIFO rules.
  • Changed how different ways of automatic position termination processes operate for accounts with FIFO enabled.
  • Added input groups to MQL5 to easily divide input parameters into sensible categories.
  • Fixed DLL function imports for function names coinciding with those defined in MQL5 code.
  • Fixed time specification in the built-in economic calendar.
  • Fixed excessive memory consumption during execution of CopyTicks() and CopyTicksRange() functions.
  • Fixed Signals charts for MT5 run from Wine.
  • Strategy Tester has been completely reworked to offer simpler, faster, and more comfortable work with different kinds of testing tasks.
  • Added multiple code styles and options to MetaEditor code styler.
  • Added an option to highlight the open source file in the MetaEditor Navigator subwindow.
  • Added translations of the user interface in 18 new languages.
MetaQuotes' full release announcement is available here:

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.