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    A new major update to the MetaTrader 5 platform has become available yesterday and is now being propagated via brokers' servers - Build 1730. The update focuses on enabling synthetic financial instruments (custom trading symbols) and MQL5 Editor project management:
    • It is now possible to work with projects in MQL5 Editor - similarly to how it is done in major coding IDEs. The projects can also be cloud-stored on MQL5 Storage.
    • It is now possible to create custom synthetic trading instruments with user-defined rules. For example, you can define the US Dollar Index and add it to Market Watch.
    • Added MQL5 Cloud Protector service, which enables developers to securely share their compiled apps with designated users (similarly tho how it is done in MQL5 Market).
    • Added High/Low columns to the Market Watch - they display the daily High and Low values for each symbol.
    • Added possibility to edit the tick history of a trading instrument in Terminal.
    • Added possibility to open preliminary live accounts via the platform. When a trader opens one, the broker contacts the trader and finalizes the account opening process.
    • Added optional milliseconds display for the time in the Market Watch window.
    • Added to MQL5 language a whole new set of functions to work with the synthetic instruments.
    • Added new library to the MQL5's Standard Library - Generic Data Collections. It offers classes and interfaces to work with collections (maps, lists, sets, etc.).
    • MQL5's union data type can now work with type templates.
    • Added SYMBOL_VISIBLE property to check whether the trading instrument is visible in the Market Watch.
    • Added CHARTEVENT_MOUSE_WHEEL event, which is generated when the mouse wheel is used in the chart.
    • Added three new chart properties: CHART_EVENT_MOUSE_WHEEL (disable/enable mouse wheel event generation), CHART_CROSSHAIR_TOOL (disable/enable switching the mouse pointer to crosshair), and CHART_CONTEXT_MENU (disable/enable right-click context menu).
    • Indicator buffers with DRAW_NONE drawing style no longer affect the chart scale.
    • Changing CHART_SCALEFIX property now generates CHARTEVENT_CHART_CHANGE event.
    • Added ArraySwap() function to easily swap the contents of two arrays.
    • Added TERMINAL_RETRANSMISSION status property to find out the percentage of lost packets over the TCP/IP network. The data is requested from the operating system and includes the packet losses for the whole system, not only the terminal.
    • Added a simple GUI tool to include libraries and import resources in the program code. It is now possible just to select the required file and MetaEditor will generate an include/import directive with properly set path to the file.
    • It is now possible to insert the source code of the chart template into an EA or a script, then save the template's code as a file, and then apply that template from a file to the current chart in run-time.
    • MetaEditor can now convert strings between ASCII, HEX and Base64 formats.
    • Added Dutch translation of the MetaTrader 5 user interface.
    • Fixed some other bugs, errors, and improved the execution speed with some processes.
    MetaQuotes' release announcement is available here:

    If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.

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