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Nov 30, 2008
MetaQuotes has released a new version of its MetaTrader 5 platform on Friday - Build 1525. Today, it became available on some of the brokers' trading servers. It is a major update with focus on trade history display and MQL5 OpenCL resources:
  • Trade history can now be displayed in form of positions.
  • It is now possible to display a specific deal or all deals in a specific trading instrument on chart by right-clicking and choosing Show on Charts.
  • Trading instrument specification now displays its international name (code).
  • You can now change the platform's window size to six preset sizes via new menu choice: Window->Resolution.
  • Workspace profiles are now stored in /MQL5/Profiles subfolder (instead of /Profiles). Chart templates are now stored in /MQL5/Profiles/Templates (instead of /Profiles/Templates).
  • OpenCL resources can now be declared as variables for further use in the code (see #resource keyword).
  • Added CHART_SHOW property to disable display of all chart-related interface objects (price/time scale, etc.) - useful for development of custom chart interface.
  • Added CHART_KEYBOARD_CONTROL property to disable and enable chart control with keys (Home, End, arrows, etc.).
  • Added new functions and function properties to work with OpenCL:
bool CLExecutionStatus(int kernel)
bool CLSetKernelArgMemLocal(int kernel_handle,int arg_index,ulong local_mem_size)
  • Added TranslateKey() function that returns a Unicode character based on a given key code.
  • Added TRADE_RETCODE_LIMIT_POSITIONS return code when trying to open more positions than allowed by your broker.
  • MQL5 math statistics standard library has been updated.
  • Strategy Tester now stays in the Optimization mode even after running a single test.
  • Strategy Tester's interface has been translated into Mongolian, Hungarian, Romanian and Urdu.
  • MetaEditor's debugger window now allows change the order of watched variables.
  • MetaEditor's interface has been translated into Hungarian and Romanian.
  • Fixed many bugs and errors.
MetaQuotes' release announcement is available here:

If you find a bug or some undocumented feature in the new build, please post about it here.