Merkel won German elections, good or bad?


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Apr 22, 2013
The opinion on her victory differs and I think she is a terrible politician. She basically ensured that Germany is isolated and without allies in the EU. The Germans have this problem as they think because they are the biggest economy in the EU that all other countries should follow the German model. The idiotic bailouts largely financed by Germany were a mistake and as a condition the Germans forced their will on the periphery.

Nothing good has come out of it and in essence what Germany does now is the same the Nazis did with the difference being they use economic weapons rather than the military and we all know money is a more powerful weapon than the military. One thing that plenty ignore is that Germany has introduced what some refer to as modern slavery into their labor market in order to push down the unemployment rate artificially. While lowering the unemployment rate it also exploits workers and everyone with a bit of understanding knows that the German labor laws are terrible.

There are plenty other areas where Germany fails, such as finance and domestic economy, and plenty of German CEO's do seek change, but voters for now have decided to hand Merkel her third term and I think
she will use it to convince them to vote for the opposition (which in my opinion is even worse) next time. Unless the EU engages into some structural reforms as the UK demanded, it is doomed to collapse even before the US will.

T Spoon

Sep 24, 2013
Even though I don't like Merkel as a politician, I'd say that modern German economic model is the one that fits current situation in Europe.

First of all "Frau NO" is pushing the countries to cut the expenses, and this is correct. When I've been in Greece last year, I've seen plenty of unemployed people who said, that they don't need to work since the unemployment rate is enough for living. At the same time those, who work have to generate enough money for feeding the sluggers.

As for the modern slavery, I' d say that it is a thing that is to be provided in Greece, Spain and France along with cutting down the social pay-offs. People need to understand that who doesn't work - doesn't eat!


Mar 21, 2012
Merkel won. Good or know, I'd say neutral. Germany will keep being more or less passive. From some point it might be better since EU needs some time to cool down. From the other point, there will be no upward moves.