Massive earnings for HotForex Affiliates and IBs


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Nov 1, 2010
HotForex, the worldwide online forex and commodities broker, launch their updated Introducing Brokers (IB) and Affiliates program website This program can provide IBs and Affiliates with massive earnings potential, fast and reliable payments through the Affiliate’s method of choice and an updated back-end solution that allows for complete transparency in statistics and trend reports whilst also providing a wide variety of marketing tools for Affiliates to use in order to drive traffic to HotForex.

The HotForex IB and Forex Affiliates program allows organizations and individuals around the world to be remunerated for introducing new clients to them. They offer a total solution, from provision of the trading platforms to execution and settlement of transactions. With commissions up to 60% of net spread based on the volume traded by your clients and 25% earnings of the commission earned by all your subaffiliates when referring new partners to HotForex, you have the opportunity to increase your earnings vastly. An account manager is also appointed to each IB to help them develop their business, take care of the administrative responsibilities and to ensure that HotForex provide the highest levels of service. Additionally, you are offered access to updated and reliable statistics from the company and a selection of marketing tools presented to help you improve your web page.

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