Manual Systems vs Automated Systems


Dec 24, 2010
Both Manual and Automated systems are a peace of software. Quality of system
depends on person who developed it.

Manual System: System may be good but it depends on user how much he follows the system. If he keeps himself out of greed, hope and emotions any good system may be profitable. Majority of traders loose money due above mentioned mistakes.

Automated Systems: Greed,hope and emotions do not effect automated system
It creates signals and automatically and places orders immediately. If we use automated system we may have spare time because system is working for us. We do not need watching the charts all the time.
But the system which we use for automated should be of high quality. We should have system that should be accurate and predictable.
But what is best automated system available today?
I have come across a system which has above 95% accuracy, 99% prediction
and it developed by highly experienced programmers and traders having over years of experience. It can multiply our investment.

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